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There are 48 opportunities.

50.73.21.C0786 NIST Advanced Control Systems in Commercial HVAC Equipment in the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8384 NIST Advanced Imaging Tools to Measure Dynamics of Pluripotency and Differentiation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.72.C0461 NIST Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Acquisition and Analysis of Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Property Information Boulder CO
50.64.31.C0362 NIST Application of Knowledge Graphs to Materials Science and Engineering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0300 NIST Applications of Machine Learning/AI to Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0313 NIST Artificial Intelligence for Genomics Reference Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.73.51.B8258 NIST Augmented Intelligence for Semiconductor Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0388 NIST Autonomous Control of Quantum Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0797 NIST Autonomous tuning for high-fidelity operations of silicon spin qubits Gaithersburg MD
50.67.22.B8283 NIST Boulder CO
50.64.41.C0318 NIST Cancer Genome Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0584 NIST Combining Theory, Simulation, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Experiments for Industrial Formulation Discovery Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0675 NIST Computational Investigation of Carbon Capture Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0374 NIST Computational Metrology for Neutron Interferometric Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7527 NIST Computational Metrology for Systems Biology and Medicine Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0800 NIST Data-driven materials discovery and design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8332 NIST Development of Hyperspectral Raman Imaging for Biology and Medicine: Optical Platform and Data Mining Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.64.72.C0363 NIST Development of Viscosity Prediction Methods Based on Molecular Parameters and Intermolecular Interaction for Organic Compounds Boulder CO
50.68.03.C0285 NIST Devices, Circuits and Architectures for Neuromorphic Computing Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7982 NIST Enabling Science from Big Microscopy Image Data Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0314 NIST Epigenomics and Transcriptomics Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8488 NIST Full-field imaging and data frameworks for impact materials by design Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0391 NIST Generating Ontologies from Domain Corpora using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0317 NIST Genome Assembly Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.67.22.B8435 NIST High-Throughput Microwave Microfluidics for Diagnostics of Complex Fluids Boulder CO
50.73.21.C0320 NIST Improving Control of Building Mechanical Services Using Embedded Intelligence and Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0473 NIST Incorporating Theory and Domain Knowledge into the Machine Learning of Polymeric Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0485 NIST Leveraging Artificial Neural Networks for Enhancing GC and LC-MS Metabolomics Data Interpretation and Integration Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7854 NIST Living Measurement Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0577 NIST Machine Learning Driven Autonomous Metrology System Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8558 NIST Machine Learning for Autonomous Genetic Engineering of Microbial Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8265 NIST Machine Learning for High Throughput Materials Discovery and Optimization Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.67.22.C0587 NIST Machine Learning for Wireless Communication Systems Testing Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7549 NIST Machine Learning Methods for the Prediction and Correlation of Thermophysical Properties Boulder CO
50.64.10.C0708 NIST Machine learning on facility-scale data and autonomous electron microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8559 NIST Machine Learning-driven Autonomous Systems for Materials Discovery and Optimization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0666 NIST Micro- and Nanoplastics Chemical Characterization and Quantification Measurement Science Gaithersburg MD
50.67.22.B8436 NIST Microwave Materials for High-Speed Microelectronics Boulder CO
50.68.41.C0681 NIST Neural Networks in Dynamic Mechanical Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8525 NIST Next Generation Biopharmaceuticals Gaithersburg MD
50.64.35.C0701 NIST NIST/BNL High-Throughput Investigation of Chemical and Material Systems Upton NY
50.64.41.B7844 NIST Precision Medicine Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0035 NIST Quantum Information and Cryptography, and Machine Learning Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0166 NIST The Materials Genome Initiative for Polymers and Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.C0834 NIST Training, Optimization and Benchmarking of Hardware Neural Networks Boulder CO
50.64.61.C0098 NIST Uncertainty Analysis for Machine Learning and Optimization Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B7897 NIST Uncertainty Quantification and Computational Materials Science Boulder CO
50.64.51.C0267 NIST Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
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