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Opportunity at Air Force Research Laboratory   AFRL

Organic and Inorganic Polymer Hybrids for High Temperature Composite Resins, Adhesives and Coatings


Materials & Manufacturing, RX/Composites

opportunity location
13.25.07.C0046 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 454337817


name email phone
Timothy Lee Pruyn 937-255-3110


Our focus in the Polymer Matrix Composite Materials and Processing Research Team is to develop new and novel high-performance lightweight structural materials. This includes increasing the service temperature of lightweight, processable, relatively low cost, polymer-based composite materials. Specifically, our focus is developing organic and inorganic systems that meet these processing, thermal, and mechanical needs while allowing for the possibilities of additional functionality. This includes the exploration of chemistries that incorporate organic and inorganic molecules and the design of new high temperature polymers and hybrids. Our research and ongoing projects encompasses synthesis, processing, and characterization of molecular inorganic/organic hybrids, inorganic and organometallic polymers, pre-ceramic polymers, additive manufacturing (direct ink write, fused deposition modeling and stereolithography) of these hybrids, chemical and mechanically interlocking adhesives, hybrid joining, and fiber coatings. Characterization techniques include chemical structure analysis, scattering, microscopy, spectroscopy, and thermal analysis. Candidates should have a background in chemistry, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, or related fields as evidenced by education and a strong record of peer-reviewed publications.


Polymer; Composite; Adhesives; Additive manufacturing; Inorganic polymers; Hybrid; Pre-ceramic; Geopolymer; Organometallic;


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$76,542.00 $4,000.00

$3,000 Supplement for Doctorates in Engineering & Computer Science

Experience Supplement:
Postdoctoral and Senior Associates will receive an appropriately higher stipend based on the number of years of experience past their PhD.

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