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RAP opportunity at Air Force Science and Technology Fellowship Program     AF STFP

Characterization of Photonic Crystals, Metamaterials, and Metasurfaces


Munitions Directorate, RW/Advanced Guidance

opportunity location
13.45.03.B7505 Eglin Air Force Base, FL 325426810


name email phone
Jimmy E Touma 850.333.8661


The last two decades have seen a tremendous interest in “controlling light” using photonic crystals. Photonic crystals, also known as photonic band-gap materials, are periodic structures that forbid light of a certain frequency range from propagating in the material. Photonic crystals occur naturally in beetle and butterfly wings and on the feathers of certain birds. They are also attributed to the active color change in chameleons. By studying the properties of photonic crystals, researchers can gain insight in how insects interpret reflected light signals from other insects to distinguish between conspecifics and insects of other species, and to recognize gender in conspecifics.

We would like to develop methodologies to analyze the band structure of photonic crystal lattices of design interest to (1) compute the reflection and transmission spectra for finite photonic crystal arrays with due attention being paid to frequency bands and incidence angles of interest, (2) develop a complete numerical models for select crystal designs, and (3) validate our designs and hypotheses by analyzing data produced by the experiments conducted within this project.

We are seeking scientists with expertise in modeling, nanofabrication and characterization techniques such as: COMSOL, Python, MEEP/MPB, nanoparticle synthesis, Nanoscribe 3D printing, AFM, SEM, and optical characterization. Applicants with a strong background in nanoscale science are highly desired.

Research is not limited to PC but can also include metamaterials & metasurfaces. Applicants must be US citizens.

key words
Photonic crystals; Nanoscale Science; Nanoscale Fabrication; Optical band-gaps; Metamaterials; Plasmonics; Metasurfaces; Butterfly wing scales; Iridescence; COMSOL; MEEP/MPB; Python


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$95,000.00 $5,000.00

Experience Supplement:
Postdoctoral and Senior Associates will receive an appropriately higher stipend based on the number of years of experience past their PhD.

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