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RAP opportunity at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency     EPA

Neurophysiological Toxicology


Center for Public Health and Environmental Exposure, Public Health & Integrated Toxicology Division

opportunity location
22.10.08.B0338 Research Triangle Park, NC 27711


name email phone
David Walter Herr 919.541.0380


There is little knowledge of neurotoxicity (NT) and developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) or the gaps between in vitro Hight Tthroughput Testing (HTT) assays (molecular initiating events (MIEs)/key events (KEs)) and apical outcomes. Developing AOPs for NT /DNT will link KEs (measured in screening assays) to Adverse Outcomes (AO), supporting the use of in vitro data for risk decisions. We are currently focusing on proteomic approaches to examine the role of alterations in synaptogensis and the relationship to AOs. Proteomic signatures relevant to AOP pathways will be examined, including use of genetically-modified cell cultures and in vivo developmental studies. We will manipulate selected mechanisms that are important in brain development (i.e. neurotransmitter systems, hormonal pathways, or neuroanatomical pathways) using multiple techniques (cell culture, zebrafish and rodent models). Optogenetic manipulation of pathways, coupled with multi-electrode recordings, will be used to examine changes in function in "real time". We will then examine the concordence of the results with those of HTT assay's predicted effects. This will allow verification of the biological importance of the AOP and the identification of high priority NT/DNT AOPs allowing focused in vitro and in vivo testing. The work will lead to development of NT/DNT-Relevant AOP(s) based on screening and in vivo outcomes for inclusion in AOP-WIKI.

key words
Animal behavior; Neurotoxicology; Neurophysiology; Optogenetics


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral and Senior applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$65,000.00 0.00

$1,365 Supplement for Medical Screening Exams


$10,000 Supplement for Seniors

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