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RAP opportunity at National Institute of Standards and Technology     NIST

Mass Spectrometry of Chemical Tracers


Material Measurement Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division

opportunity location
50.64.63.C0152 Charleston, SC

NIST only participates in the February and August reviews.


name email phone
Steven J. Christopher 843.460.9858
W. Clay Davis 843.460.9878
Jessica Lynn Reiner 843.460.9894


This research opportunity is focused on developing advanced chemical characterization and analytical chemistry tools, data and research materials related to the comprehensive measurement of inorganic, organic and particulate chemical tracers in complex chemical matrices and natural systems. This requires the complementary use of advanced inorganic and organic mass spectrometries (MS), implementing multi-use sample processing streams and developing novel chromatographic-MS and solid sampling-MS instrumental couplings to comprehensively characterize and accurately quantify trace elements, isotopes and organic chemical markers in complex sample matrices.

Such holistic chemical measurement systems are needed for a variety of areas including: chemical understanding of emerging commercial technologies, studying beneficial reuse of industrial and process wastewaters, supporting commodity authentication, seafood safety and exposure science, and improving particle metrology for health, security and non-proliferation concerns. We are seeking individuals with extensive instrumentation backgrounds in plasma source-MS, laser ablation, ion, gas, and liquid chromatographies, organic-MS, and ion source development to pursue interdisciplinary projects in the areas outlined. 

key words
Mass Spectrometry; Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic; Organic; Tracer; Particle; Chromatography; Laser Ablation


Citizenship:  Open to U.S. citizens
Level:  Open to Postdoctoral applicants


Base Stipend Travel Allotment Supplementation
$82,764.00 $3,000.00
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