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Opportunities Available at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Laboratories at Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). Click to view all opportunities at NIST.

There are 50 opportunities.

50.77.31.C0020 NIST Access Control (Authorization) Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7525 NIST Advancing Health Information Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0860 NIST Applied Mathematics of Soft, Fluid, and Active Matter Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4450 NIST Applied Optimization and Simulation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0388 NIST Autonomous Control of Quantum Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0797 NIST Autonomous tuning for high-fidelity operations of silicon spin qubits Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B7430 NIST Complex Systems and Networks: Performance, Control, and Security Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B7912 NIST Computational Electromagnetics Boulder CO
50.77.11.B8188 NIST Computational Methods for the Solution of the Time Dependent Schroedinger Equation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0374 NIST Computational Metrology for Neutron Interferometric Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7527 NIST Computational Metrology for Systems Biology and Medicine Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.C0556 NIST Cryptography Through the Lens of Quantum Information Science Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0578 NIST Deep Learning Applied to Problems in Chemical Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7982 NIST Enabling Science from Big Microscopy Image Data Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0802 NIST Explainable Artificial Intelligence Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0391 NIST Generating Ontologies from Domain Corpora using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6377 NIST High-Performance Scientific Computing for Leadership Class Problems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6663 NIST Immersive Visualization Gaithersburg MD
50.77.21.B7382 NIST Indoor Localization and Tracking Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.B7615 NIST Lightweight Cryptography for Resource Constrained Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7916 NIST Mathematical Foundations for System Interoperability Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0761 NIST Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4449 NIST Mathematical Modeling of Magnetic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0256 NIST Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Uncertainty Quantification Gaithersburg MD
50.77.62.C0871 NIST Method Development and Best Practices for Atomic Clock Metrology Boulder CO
50.77.11.B8287 NIST Modeling Complex Microstructures Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7872 NIST Models and Protocols for Accelerated Simulations of Molecular Interactions and Dynamics Gaithersburg MD
50.77.21.B8519 NIST Next Generation Wireless Networks Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0669 NIST Optical Quantum Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B8087 NIST Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions, and Digital Repositories Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.B7613 NIST Public Key Cryptography and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0764 NIST Quantum and classical error correction Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6541 NIST Quantum communication Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B8345 NIST Quantum Frequency Conversion for Hybrid Quantum Networks Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0035 NIST Quantum Information and Cryptography, and Machine Learning Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B5623 NIST Quantum Information Science Boulder CO
50.77.11.C0672 NIST Quantum Network Testbeds Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.C0180 NIST Quantum Networking Boulder CO
50.77.11.B7763 NIST Real-time Quantitative Visualization Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7529 NIST Research in Cyber-Physical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.21.B8052 NIST Robust Inter-Domain Routing Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4825 NIST Scientific Datamining Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B7281 NIST Standardizing of Measurements on Medical Images Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7528 NIST Standards and Algorithms for Enhancing Quality in Medical Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.77.61.C0230 NIST Statistical Learning in Functional Data and 3d Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.77.61.C0058 NIST Statistical Methods for Extreme Values Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B7973 NIST Statistics for Quantum Systems Boulder CO
50.77.51.B7526 NIST Testing the Health Care Information Infrastructure Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B7897 NIST Uncertainty Quantification and Computational Materials Science Boulder CO
50.77.11.C0297 NIST Validated Computation of Special Functions: DLMF Standard Reference Tables on Demand Gaithersburg MD
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