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There are 8 opportunities.

50.67.22.C0091 NIST Ultrafast Photodetectors Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0555 NIST Trapped-ion Quantum Information Processing Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5559 NIST Nonlinear Optical Studies of Polymer, Biomimetic, and Biological Interfaces Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8483 NIST Neuromorphic Computing Using Superconducting Optoelectronic Neural Networks Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8193 NIST Metrology for Faint Photonics Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0076 NIST Integrated Quantum Nanophotonic Systems Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8409 NIST Chip-Scale Nonlinear Optics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5923 NIST State Resolved THz and Ultraviolet Studies of Polypeptide Structure and Dynamics Boulder CO
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