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Opportunities Available at Air Force Science and Technology Fellowship Program

There are 316 opportunities.

13.50.00.C0930 AF STFP A computational investigation of the role of defects in structural materials AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.91.C0606 AF STFP Acoustic Processing and Analysis Rome NY
13.35.01.C0915 AF STFP Active electro-optical sensing and imaging Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B4614 AF STFP Active Flow Control Modeling and Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.01.B7694 AF STFP Additive Manufacturing of Multifunctional Materials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.04.C0454 AF STFP Advanced Characterization of Soft Matter Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.03.C0029 AF STFP Advanced Computational Plasma Physics Modeling for Next Generation Technologies Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.C0331 AF STFP Advanced Diagnostics for Free-space and other Low Density Plasmas Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.11.B5437 AF STFP Advanced Diagnostics for High-Speed Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.B6932 AF STFP Advanced Gas Lasers and High-Performance Computing Simulation of Multiphysics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.08.C0218 AF STFP Advanced Multi-Scale Combustion Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.C0216 AF STFP Advanced Processing of Ceramic and Ceramic Matrix Composite Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.95.C0421 AF STFP Advanced Solutions to Mitigate Threats in Cyber Domain Rome NY
13.40.01.B7445 AF STFP Advanced Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, & Control Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.08.B0104 AF STFP Aero and Thermodynamics of Rotating Machinery Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.13.C0700 AF STFP Aerodynamic Response to Deforming Surfaces in High-Speed Flow Arnold AFB TN
13.30.09.C0727 AF STFP Aerodynamics Research for Airframe-Propulsion Integration Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.05.C0788 AF STFP AFRL/RITQ Quantum Algorithms Research Rome NY
13.45.05.B7454 AF STFP Agile Munition Vehicle Sciences Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.01.C0291 AF STFP AI Development for Competitive Space-Based Games Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.09.C0753 AF STFP Aircraft Structural Analysis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B8475 AF STFP Analysis of Low-Velocity Impact on Composite Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.C0853 AF STFP Analytic Sensitivities and Machine Learning applied to Uncertainty Quantification for Multidisciplinary Systems Analysis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.14.B7673 AF STFP Applied Approaches for Assessing and Optimizing Team Processes and States Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.08.C0931 AF STFP Applied Research for Rotating Detonation Engines Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.08.B8275 AF STFP Applying Information Technology to Create Research-Based Innovative Learning Pedagogies US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.04.B0170 AF STFP Atmospheric Ion Chemistry Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B8304 AF STFP Autonomous Processing Techniques for Applications in Space Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.04.C0319 AF STFP Autonomous Research Systems ARES (TM) Applied to Carbon Nanotube Synthesis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0441 AF STFP Autonomous Research Systems, ARES Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.09.C0636 AF STFP Autonomous Systems: Novel behaviors and applications of air and ground robots US Air Force Academy CO
13.35.01.C0732 AF STFP B6878 133501 Infrared Sensing Research Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B8228 AF STFP Baseband Diversity Product Approaches for Protected Wideband Satellite Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B5858 AF STFP Bio-Inspired Radar Systems for Intelligent Information Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.B6373 AF STFP Biomolecular Interactions of Nanoparticles Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.05.C0916 AF STFP Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing and Bioreporters US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.01.B7835 AF STFP Blind and Beacon-Less TDMA Scheduling for Ad-Hoc LEO Satellite Communications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.03.B4959 AF STFP Bulk Oxide Glass Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.03.B7085 AF STFP Centralized Control Algorithms on a Wireless Grid Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.07.B5769 AF STFP Ceramic Matrix Composites for High-Temperature Structural Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.12.B8089 AF STFP Characterization of Hyperspectral Imagers Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.45.03.B7505 AF STFP Characterization of Photonic Crystals, Metamaterials, and Metasurfaces Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.09.C0302 AF STFP Chemical Processes in the Space Environment Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.07.C0340 AF STFP Chiral Molecules, Polymers and Fibers for Aerospace Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.01.B5492 AF STFP Closed Loop Flow Control US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.01.C0882 AF STFP Clustering Cislunar and XGEO Regions using Machine Learning Techniques Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.02.C0750 AF STFP Cognitive Effort and Metacognition Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.02.B7362 AF STFP Cognitive technologies for digital engineering and agile readiness that ensure mission effectiveness Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.12.C0211 AF STFP Cohesive Zone Modeling and Interfacial Failures in Solid Rocket Motors Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.40.12.B7987 AF STFP Cold-Atom Precision Timing and Inertial Navigation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.12.B7679 AF STFP Combustion and Ignition Chemistry of Energetic Propellants Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.08.B0101 AF STFP Combustion and Spray Studies and Diagnostic Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7465 AF STFP Combustion Dynamics for Novel Combustor Systems AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.11.B7954 AF STFP Combustion Enhancement in High-Speed Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.95.B7952 AF STFP Complex Network Inference Rome NY
13.25.07.B7664 AF STFP Composite and Hybrid Materials for Responsive Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B4943 AF STFP Computational Aeroelasticity and Fluid/Structure Interaction Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B8088 AF STFP Computational Analysis of Half-Life Learning Curve Models for Cognitive Human Performance Assessment AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.02.C0111 AF STFP Computational Cognitive Modeling of Complex Interactive Behavior Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.01.B8568 AF STFP Computational Design Simulation of Hypersonic Vehicles US Air Force Academy CO
13.35.01.B7107 AF STFP Computational Electromagnetics and Electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.01.C0859 AF STFP Computational Fluid Dynamics for Advanced Air Vehicles US Air Force Academy CO
13.30.09.B5739 AF STFP Computational Fluid Dynamics Research in Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.01.C0870 AF STFP Computational Modeling of Fundamental Combustion Processes US Air Force Academy CO
13.25.04.C0881 AF STFP Computational Modeling of Polymer Melts and Solutions Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.C0307 AF STFP Computational Physics For High-Power Highly Coherent Laser Technology Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.12.B7618 AF STFP Computational Physics of Nonequilibrium Plasma for Space Propulsion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.25.04.B4968 AF STFP Computer Simulations for Design of Improved Aerospace Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.05.C0282 AF STFP Constituent Development, Processing, and Functionalization of Ceramic Matrix Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.10.B3817 AF STFP Control Systems for Air Force Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.06.B7697 AF STFP Cooperative Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.01.B8172 AF STFP Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Multi-Dimension Directions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.14.C0813 AF STFP Cross-modal influence on cognitive processing and decision-making Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.C0604 AF STFP Crystal Growth and Characterization of Novel Functional Low Dimensional Materials for Optoelectronic, Nanoelectronic, and Magnetic Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7630 AF STFP Crystal Growth and Study of and Nonlinear Optical and Electronic Materials for Novel Laser Sources and Other Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.04.C0134 AF STFP Cyber Psychology, Ethical Decision Making, Artificial Intelligence Rome NY
13.25.06.C0471 AF STFP Data Fusion and Analysis for Multi-Scale Mixed Modality Meso-to-Macroscale Microstructural Feature Characterization Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0582 AF STFP Design of Adaptive Materials for Sensing, Actuation and Physical Computing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.03.C0518 AF STFP Design of Hybrid Nano-Optical Systems Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.30.09.C0257 AF STFP Design, Optimization, and Characterization of Smart Materials and Morphing Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.C0495 AF STFP Design, Optimization, and Control for Autonomous Manufacturing Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B7801 AF STFP Detection and Destruction of Dangerous Water Pollutants AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.B7604 AF STFP Detonating Systems Research Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.30.12.B8566 AF STFP Detonation Physics Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.11.C0826 AF STFP Development and application of advanced simulation approaches for high-speed combustion Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.11.C0548 AF STFP Development and Application of Diagnostics for High-Speed Air-Breathing Propulsion Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.C0821 AF STFP Development and characterization of novel electro-optic materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B5471 AF STFP Development and Characterization of Photorefractive Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.11.C0696 AF STFP Development of Computational Tools for High-Speed Flows Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.C0925 AF STFP Development of Computational Tools for Mass Spectral Data Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.05.C0938 AF STFP Development of Inorganic and Hybrid Polymers and Composites for High Temperature Resins and Coatings Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.12.B8020 AF STFP Development of Methods for Local and Near Regional Seismic Event Discrimination and Characterization Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.03.C0136 AF STFP Developments in the Science and Systems to Improve Robustness to Adversarial Attacks on Artificial Intelligence Rome NY
13.35.01.B7062 AF STFP Distributed Netted Radar Signal Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0670 AF STFP Distributed Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, Control and Autonomy Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.04.02.B5798 AF STFP Dynamics of Ionospheric and Mesospheric Optical Emissions US Air Force Academy CO
13.15.10.C0040 AF STFP Early Consequences of Laser-tissue Interaction at the Atomistic and Molecular Level using Ultrafast Methods Fort Sam Houston TX
13.40.01.C0460 AF STFP Effective Multi-Beam Arrangements for Operational Flexibility and Superior Coverage in High Throughput Satellites Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.45.03.C0602 AF STFP Efficient Robust Sensing and Processing Based on Biological Design Principles Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.35.01.B7686 AF STFP Electro-Optical Devices and Technologies for Infrared Sensing Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.B8392 AF STFP Electromagnetics, Plasmonics, Photonics, and Metamaterials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.04.B0205 AF STFP Electron Dynamics and Performance Issues in Infrared and Visible Detectors Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.10.B7787 AF STFP Electron Energy Distribution and Transfer Phenomena in Non-Equilibrium Gases Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.C0627 AF STFP Electron Transport Studies of Ultra-Wide Bandgap or Quantum Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0534 AF STFP Electronic-grade dielectric integration for high-power, high frequency electronic devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.C0820 AF STFP Enabling Room Temperature Quantum Technologies Through Phonon Engineering Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0237 AF STFP Enabling Tailorable Material Properties with Synthetic Methods Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.B6624 AF STFP Energetic Nanocluster Thin Films Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.04.B8425 AF STFP Engineered Electromagnetic Materials, Metamaterials, Light-Matter Interactions, Subwavelength Photonics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.01.C0061 AF STFP Enhanced and Assured Radio Frequency Downlinks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.14.B8388 AF STFP Enhancing Intelligence Analysts' Sensemaking Capabilities Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0462 AF STFP Enterprise Management and Control of Military and Commercial Satellite Communication Networks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.C0466 AF STFP Enterprise Space Data Transport Incorporating 5G Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.05.C0255 AF STFP Evolution of Metallic Microstructures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.12.C0686 AF STFP Experimental Low-temperature Plasma Physics and Data-Driven Modeling for Space Propulsion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.30.12.B5781 AF STFP Experimental Mechanics and Solid Rocket Propellants Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.20.91.C0202 AF STFP Exploring Elementary MultiSensor Fusion Rome NY
13.04.05.B8432 AF STFP Extremophile Research US Air Force Academy CO
13.50.00.C0885 AF STFP Finding Efficient Factorial Designs for Test and Evaluation AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B8542 AF STFP First-Principles Modeling of Electronic and Photonic Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0212 AF STFP First-Principles Semiconductor Modeling for Advanced Physics Based Device Models Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.B6127 AF STFP Flexible Hybrid Electronic Materials and Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B8419 AF STFP Flying Qualities and Handling Qualities Assessments for Unmanned Aircraft AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.02.B5456 AF STFP Formation of Buried and Surface Epitaxial Plasmonic Structures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.C0107 AF STFP Free-Space Quantum Communication Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B7640 AF STFP Fully Adaptive Radar Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0662 AF STFP Functional 2D materials for flexible electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.01.C0497 AF STFP Fundamental Combustion Kinetics Using Advanced Laser Diagnostics US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.12.B8227 AF STFP Fundamental Investigation of Plasma Chemistry Kinetics and Dynamics towards Improved Communications Abilities Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.05.B8381 AF STFP Fundamental Studies of the Changes in Material States for Non-volatile Switching Memory Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B7659 AF STFP Game-Theoretic Based Decision Support Tools for Persistent Space Threat Interdiction Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.C0247 AF STFP Geophysical Machine Learning Applications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B8428 AF STFP Growth and Characterization of Low Dimensional Electronic Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.04.B8462 AF STFP Guidance and Control Strategies for Adaptive Morphing Unmanned Air Systems in Complex Environments Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.20.01.C0583 AF STFP Hardware Security and Trust Rome NY
13.45.04.C0225 AF STFP Heterogeneous Teaming for Target Search and Tracking Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.30.10.C0207 AF STFP High Capacity Cathode Materials Functionalized with Carbon for Lithium-based Batteries Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0337 AF STFP High Operating Temperature IR and Fused IR/RF Detectors Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.10.B7103 AF STFP High Performance Electric Actuation System Thermal Management Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.B7777 AF STFP High Power Electromagnetic Interactions in Plasmas and High Temperature Materials Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.12.C0640 AF STFP High Pressure Combustion Dynamics in Rocket Propulsion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.25.05.C0747 AF STFP High Temperature Oxidation and Environmental Resistance in Concentrated Refractory Alloys Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.B6079 AF STFP High-Brightness Semiconductor Mid-Infrared and Long-Infrared Laser Development Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.09.B6719 AF STFP High-Fidelity Multidisciplinary Computational Fluid Dynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B8422 AF STFP High-Order Finite Element Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aerospace Vehicle Design Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.B6934 AF STFP High-Performance Compact Pulsed Power Components Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.03.B0162 AF STFP High-Power Microwave Source Research Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.02.C0869 AF STFP Holistic Cognitive Models of Decision-making Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.08.B8404 AF STFP Hot Fuel Chemistry for Advanced Propulsion Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.11.B4615 AF STFP Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition and Control Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.C0779 AF STFP Hypersonic Vehicle Multidisciplinary Design Optimization AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.10.B7419 AF STFP Impact of Short Pulse Electromagnetic Fields on Mammalian Cells Fort Sam Houston TX
13.30.08.B8144 AF STFP Improving Structural Dynamic and Material Characteristic Understanding of Turbomachinery Components Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.05.B8105 AF STFP In operando Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0504 AF STFP In situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for studying chemical reactions Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.10.C0940 AF STFP In Vivo Radiofrequency Bioeffects using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Fort Sam Houston TX
13.15.10.C0639 AF STFP In Vivo Radiofrequency Dosimetry Fort Sam Houston TX
13.35.01.C0312 AF STFP Infrared Detectors Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.11.C0911 AF STFP Infrared detectors, focal plane arrays, and sensing technologies Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B8237 AF STFP Integrated Photonic Devices, Circuits, and Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B8171 AF STFP Integrated Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) over Free Space Optical Satellite Communication Networks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.C0062 AF STFP Integrating Performance Enhanced Proxies with Bundle Protocols over High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B7061 AF STFP Integration of Multicomponent Oxide Materials in Sensor Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.C0857 AF STFP Integrity in complex estimation problems AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7368 AF STFP Intracavity Laser Dynamics and Diverse Waveform Generation Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0928 AF STFP Investigating the Link Between Earth's Radiation Belts and Dayside Transient Phenomena Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B6350 AF STFP Investigation and Optimization of Existing and Novel Electronic Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.10.B8221 AF STFP Investigation of Electromagnetic Field Bioeffects Fort Sam Houston TX
13.35.01.C0221 AF STFP Investigation of Electronic Transport Properties of Transition Metal Nitrides Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.09.C0422 AF STFP Ion Molecule Chemistry for Propulsion Applications Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7633 AF STFP Ionosphere/Magnetosphere Modeling of Wave Propagation or Wave-Particle Interaction Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.04.03.B7788 AF STFP Laboratories for Functional Polymers and Composites for Advanced Materials US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.09.B7485 AF STFP Laser Spectroscopy of Next-Generation Propellants Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.C0771 AF STFP laser-beacon adaptive optics—pre-compensation of the uplink laser Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.10.B3740 AF STFP Laser-Tissue Interaction Fort Sam Houston TX
13.35.01.C0385 AF STFP Lasers for Active Sensing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.04.B7894 AF STFP Lasers, Sensors, and Quantum Technology Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.01.C0459 AF STFP Learning-based Approaches to Resilient Satellite Navigation and Timing Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.C0903 AF STFP Levitated Optomechanics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.50.00.C0389 AF STFP Light-Matter Interactions, Quantum Technologies, Ultrashort Pulse Extreme Light, Table-Top Accelerator and Optical Diagnostics AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.B7646 AF STFP Liquid Crystalline Polymer Actuators Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7646 AF STFP Liquid Crystalline Polymer Actuators Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.C0927 AF STFP Machine Learning Approaches in Computational Aerodynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.04.C0801 AF STFP Machine Learning for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.03.C0822 AF STFP Machine-learning Driven Inverse Design of Optical Metasurfaces Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.04.C0626 AF STFP Materials for Controlling the Propagation of Mechanical Waves Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.C0289 AF STFP Materials Heterogeneity Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B7041 AF STFP Materials Heterogeniety in Electron and Thermal Transport and Energy Storage Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.14.B7693 AF STFP Mathematical Modeling and Visualization of Multidimensional Data and Complex Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.14.C0592 AF STFP Measuring and Modeling Team States and Dynamics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.B7106 AF STFP Meso-structure – Property – Performance Relationships in Energetic Materials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.05.C0121 AF STFP Metals Additive Manufacturing Science Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.12.C0603 AF STFP MHD-Based Modeling of Particle Transport in the Magnetosphere Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.C0371 AF STFP Mid- and Long-Wavelength Infrared Single Band Detectors for Infrared Imaging Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.C0851 AF STFP mid-IR Quantum dots Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7665 AF STFP Mid-IR Quantum Optics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.12.C0792 AF STFP Middle and high latitude multi-instrument multi-model studies of ionospheric irregularities Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.12.C0443 AF STFP Model Reduction and Machine Learning Methods for Rocket Propulsion Analysis Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.15.10.C0540 AF STFP Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Fort Sam Houston TX
13.50.00.C0932 AF STFP Modeling and Simulation of Quantum Networks AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.50.00.B5167 AF STFP Molecular Reaction Dynamics AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.B8531 AF STFP Molecular Tools for Biosignatures Tracking Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B6873 AF STFP Morphing Aircraft Structural Technology Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.C0895 AF STFP Multi-omic Bioanalysis Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.C0849 AF STFP Multiscale Performance Evaluation of Composite Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.C0901 AF STFP Multiscale Simulation Methods for the Design of Performance-Optimized Composite Material Architectures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.10.B7781 AF STFP Multiscale, Multiphysics and Multidomain Modeling of Aircraft Power and Thermal Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.01.B4279 AF STFP Nano- and Meso-structured Polymeric Materials and Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.94.B6926 AF STFP Nanocomputing Rome NY
13.25.04.C0222 AF STFP Nanoelectronic materials for low power electronics, heterogeneous integration, and sensing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0463 AF STFP Network Function Synthesis in Software-Defined Satellite Networks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.C0470 AF STFP Network Tomography for Multi-Domain Operations Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.50.00.B7386 AF STFP Networking, Security, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Applied Machine Learning, Trusted Compilers and Computing, Cognitive Radios, and Cloud Computing AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.11.C0883 AF STFP Neuromorphic and Computational Imaging for Space Based Imaging and Exploitation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.05.C0900 AF STFP Neuromorphic Computing Rome NY
13.20.02.C0557 AF STFP Next Generation Wireless Networking: 5G Mesh Networking Rome NY
13.45.04.B8465 AF STFP Next-Generation Computational Methods for Scalable Computing Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.09.C0744 AF STFP Next-Generation Human Machine Interfaces for Advanced Manufacturing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B8549 AF STFP Nonlinear Dynamics in Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.C0467 AF STFP Nontraditional and Resilient Satellite Navigation and Timing Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.05.B8469 AF STFP Novel Ceramic Nanostructures, Hybrid Materials, and Additive Manufacturing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.C0108 AF STFP Novel Chemical Samplers and Passive Dosimeters Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.12.C0858 AF STFP Novel computational modeling of spontaneous failure modes in reactive, heterogeneous materials Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.25.01.B8231 AF STFP Novel Materials for Agile and Flexible Electronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0637 AF STFP Novel Nanophotonic Structures and Epsilon-Near-Zero Materials for Infrared Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.12.C0502 AF STFP Numerical modeling of seismic generation by underground explosions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.50.00.C0067 AF STFP Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Waves AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7063 AF STFP Object Recognition Concepts Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0065 AF STFP Onboard Satellite Synchronization for Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Waveforms Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.50.00.C0105 AF STFP Optical and Electromechanical Microsystems AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.C0929 AF STFP Optical Material Characterization for Space Domain Awareness Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.04.C0728 AF STFP Organ-on-a-Chip and Organoid Models of Cognition and Performance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.05.B8444 AF STFP Performance Prediction and Damage Prognosis of Structural/Multifunctional Composites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B5790 AF STFP Phenomenology-Based Adaptive Radar Signal Processing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.03.C0439 AF STFP Photochemistry of Chromophores and Materials Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.03.C0356 AF STFP Photon-Phonon Coupling in Optomechanical Crystals Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.35.01.B7392 AF STFP Photonics and Optoelectronics for USAF Sensor Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.03.C0450 AF STFP Physics of Electron Beam Generation for High Power Electromagnetic Devices Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.15.C0776 AF STFP Physiological impact of thermal and hydration stress Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B0183 AF STFP Plasma Spacecraft Interactions Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.50.00.C0933 AF STFP Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy and Modeling for Materials Science AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.05.C0768 AF STFP Post-Doctoral Fellowship Investigating Francisella tularensis (Tularemia) US Air Force Academy CO
13.30.08.C0260 AF STFP Pressure Gain Combustion for Emerging Propulsion and Power Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7518 AF STFP Printed, Flexible Microwave Circuits Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.C0904 AF STFP Probing Interfacial and Micro-structural Influences on Detonation Chemistry, Sensitivity, and Resilience of Energetic Materials Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.40.01.B7658 AF STFP Programmability of Regional Multi-Source Position, Navigation and Timing for Joint-All-Domain Operations Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.12.C0254 AF STFP Propellant Ignition Modeling in Solid Rocket Motors Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.20.94.B5505 AF STFP Quantum Information Science Rome NY
13.20.97.C0016 AF STFP Quantum Networking Rome NY
13.20.05.C0004 AF STFP Quantum Optics/Integrated Photonics Rome NY
13.20.05.C0456 AF STFP Quantum Optics/Quantum Integrated Photonics Rome NY
13.35.01.B4478 AF STFP Radar Systems Theory Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.97.B4950 AF STFP Radiowave Propagation and System Engineering for Advanced Satellite Communications Rome NY
13.30.09.C0914 AF STFP Rapid Time Dependent Non-Linear Predictive Method to Model Cavity Resonance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0064 AF STFP Relativistic Time Synchronization for Satellite Crosslinks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.05.C0122 AF STFP Reliable Nondestructive Quantitative Materials and Damage Characterization Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7397 AF STFP Remote Sensing from Hypersonic Platforms Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.10.B5812 AF STFP Remote Sensing of Ionospheric and Upper Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.12.C0937 AF STFP Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere, Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.C0856 AF STFP Research in High Energy Pulse Fiber Lasers Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.10.02.C0030 AF STFP Research in Novel Hybrid Gas Laser Technology and Atmospheric Propagation Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.96.B6173 AF STFP Research Issues Relating to Information Management Rome NY
13.40.01.B7197 AF STFP Resilient Receivers for Multi-Global Navigation Satellite Systems Applications with Artificial Intelligence Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.B7908 AF STFP Resilient System Controllers for Wideband Global SATCOM Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.45.04.C0100 AF STFP Robust GPS-denied Single and Multi-agent (Cooperative) Navigation Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.20.92.C0124 AF STFP Robust Machine Learning for Trust Rome NY
13.50.00.B7606 AF STFP Robust, Self-tuning Estimators in Distributed Systems AFIT, Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.08.C0844 AF STFP Rotating Detonation Engine Foundational Research Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0674 AF STFP Safety Monitoring for Autonomous Systems Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.B7398 AF STFP Scattering and Propagation in Complex Environment Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.60.01.C0635 AF STFP Science Historian Arlington VA
13.15.02.C0566 AF STFP Science of Understanding: Modeling Behavior and Learning in Humans and Machines Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B7836 AF STFP Security in Cyber-Physical Networked Systems Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.04.C0131 AF STFP Signal Processing Techniques to Improve Low Probability of Intercept Signal Detection and Characterization Rome NY
13.40.12.C0638 AF STFP Solar drivers of space weather Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.40.01.C0809 AF STFP Solar Geospace-environment Modeling Drivers Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.35.01.B0118 AF STFP Solid-State Laser Source Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.04.02.B7637 AF STFP Space Situational Awareness US Air Force Academy CO
13.40.01.B7497 AF STFP Spacecraft Materials Properties for Spacecraft Charging Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.20.91.B5171 AF STFP Speech and Audio Processing Rome NY
13.45.02.B6888 AF STFP Structural Dynamics Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.45.02.C0147 AF STFP Structural Dynamics and Instrumentation of Electronic Systems Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.20.02.C0358 AF STFP Superconducting and Hybrid Quantum Information Platforms Rome NY
13.30.10.B7148 AF STFP Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, Carbon Nanotubes, Magnetic Materials, and Thermal Physics for Energy, Power and Thermal Applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.C0046 AF STFP Synthesis and Processing of Preceramic Polymers for Ceramic Matrix Composites and Compositionally Complex High Entropy Ceramics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.12.C0281 AF STFP Synthesis of Ionic Liquids for High-Thrust Electric Propulsion Edwards Air Force Base CA
13.25.04.C0926 AF STFP Synthesis of Low Temperature Polymers for Extreme Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.09.B0123 AF STFP System Level Integration for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.03.B7626 AF STFP Target Phenomenology Modeling and Simulation for Munition Sensors Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.20.91.C0575 AF STFP Techniques for Optimal Extraction of Signals (TOES) Rome NY
13.40.12.B8522 AF STFP The Effect on Material Properties (and the Underlying Chemistry) due to Exposure Simulated Space Environment Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.15.10.B3743 AF STFP The Physiological Response(s) to Intense Electrical Stimuli Fort Sam Houston TX
13.40.01.B6640 AF STFP Theoretical Studies of Quantum Transport, Light-Matter Interaction and Ultrafast Carrier-Scattering Dynamics Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.30.10.B7102 AF STFP Thermal Energy Storage Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0563 AF STFP Thin Film Growth and Characterization of Group-IV Materials for Low Cost Infrared Detectors Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.35.01.C0327 AF STFP Topological Surface Currents Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.C0063 AF STFP Topology Formation and Network Coding for Multi-source Multicast Satellite Communications Networks Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.05.C0248 AF STFP Towards Developing Next-Generation Multi-Functional Composites for Aerospace Applications using Multi-scale Modeling and Machine Learning Approaches Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.02.B4964 AF STFP Training Design, Delivery and Performance Assessment Research in Blended and Complex Environments Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.09.C0850 AF STFP Transitioning from automation to autonomy in DAF-relevant manufacturing Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.08.B8127 AF STFP Transonic Fan Distortion Transfer and Tolerance Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.14.C0731 AF STFP Trust in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.11.C0236 AF STFP Turbulent Combustion Modeling of High-speed Air-breathing Components Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.25.07.B8497 AF STFP Two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures for advanced electronics applications Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.40.01.B7444 AF STFP Ultra-Reliable-Low-Latency Forward Error Correction for Next Generation GNSS Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.25.03.B8518 AF STFP Ultra-Wide bandgap Materials for Electronics and Optoelectronics Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.10.B8434 AF STFP Ultrafast Spectroscopic Investigations on the Mechanisms of Interaction of Modified Sensing Proteins with the Electromagnetic Spectrum Fort Sam Houston TX
13.35.01.B7326 AF STFP Ultrasensitive Receiver Architectures Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.10.02.C0432 AF STFP Ultrashort Pulse Laser Research Kirtland Air Force Base NM
13.45.03.B8521 AF STFP Unconventional Distributed Sensor Optimization and Integration for Robust Agile Flight Control Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.25.05.B8480 AF STFP Understanding Damage in Multifunctional Nanocomposites Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.45.02.C0634 AF STFP Understanding Explosive Behavior Through Quantified Microstructural Information Eglin Air Force Base FL
13.35.01.B7313 AF STFP Waveform Agile Radar Processing (WARP) Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.15.15.B8430 AF STFP Wearable Chemical and Biochemical Sensors and Devices Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.30.10.C0336 AF STFP Wide Bandgap and Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductor Processing and Device Development Wright-Patterson AFB OH
13.20.95.B7951 AF STFP Wireless Sensor Networks in Contested Environments Rome NY
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