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Opportunities Available at National Institute of Standards and Technology

There are 759 opportunities.

50.60.01.C0790 NIST Urban Greenhouse Gas Measurements and Modeling Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B1984 NIST Neutron Scattering Studies of Superconductivity and Magnetism Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B1988 NIST Dynamics and Structure of Molecules and Solids Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B1993 NIST Nanoscale Magnetic Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B1994 NIST Neutron Reflectometry Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B1995 NIST Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage and Utilization Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B2000 NIST Neutron Scattering Studies of Biological Macromolecules Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B4444 NIST Theory of Magnetism of Novel Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B5445 NIST Neutron Scattering Studies of Quantum Magnetism Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B6278 NIST Dynamics and Structure of Multiferroic Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B6532 NIST Hydrogen Storage Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B6535 NIST Mechanisms and Kinetics of Membrane Protein Crystallization in Self-Assembled Mesophases Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B6536 NIST New Insights into Shear-Induced Effects in Complex Fluids Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B6867 NIST Structure and Dynamics of Energy Storage Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B7029 NIST Fuel Cells and Related Structures and Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B7030 NIST Structures of Thin-Film Hydrogen-Storage and Hydrogen-Containing Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B7645 NIST Supramolecular Structures on Lipid Membranes: Understanding Viral Assembly Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B7804 NIST Neutron Reflectometry Investigations for Energy Production, Conversion, and Storage Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B7995 NIST Nanoparticle Suspensions for Flow Batteries Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B8035 NIST Structure and Dynamics of Ferroelectric and Relaxor Materials Studied with Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B8467 NIST Developing Advanced Neutron Reflectometry Techniques to Study Membrane-Associated Proteins Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B8482 NIST Studying Colloidal Self-Assembly and Porous Solids with Small Angle Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B8527 NIST Mechanistic Investigation of Gas Storage and Separation in Porous Framework Materials Using Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.B8563 NIST Lipid Membrane Structure and Dynamics Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0017 NIST Crystallographic investigation of novel materials using Neutron and X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0032 NIST New Quantum Materials-Synthesis, Electronic Properties, Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0048 NIST Nanopores as Single-Molecule Probes of Protein-Lipid Interactions Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0259 NIST Computational Investigation of Flexible Metal-Organic Framework Materials for Gas Storage and Separation Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0300 NIST Applications of Machine Learning/AI to Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0408 NIST Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Nanocomposites Investigated by Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0413 NIST Structure and Dynamics of Colloidal Gel and Glass Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0423 NIST Shear Induced Structures in Colloidal Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0477 NIST Investigating Time-dependent or Transient Structures of Complex Soft Matter Materials Driven by External Stimuli Using Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0506 NIST Structure-Property Relationships in Soft Materials and Complex Fluids Investigated with Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0675 NIST Computational Investigation of Carbon Capture Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.61.01.C0836 NIST Studying the structures and interactions of proteins and biomacromolecules in solutions using scattering techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.63.21.C0659 NIST Confident Identification of Metabolites in Biological Samples Gaithersburg MD
50.64.10.B8248 NIST Dynamic, In Situ and Operando Electron Microscopy for GHz Materials Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.10.C0708 NIST Machine learning on facility-scale data and autonomous electron microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B1819 NIST The Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B1964 NIST Magnetic Structure of Alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B1981 NIST Proximal Probe Studies of the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B3954 NIST Hydration of polymer dielectrics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B4044 NIST Advanced Optical Studies of Surfaces and Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B4434 NIST Theory and Simulation of Polymers and Other Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B4440 NIST Statistical Physics Applied to the Deformation of Metals Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B4988 NIST Sorption and Interfacial Dynamics of Polymers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5584 NIST Microfluidics for Characterization of Complex Fluids Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5585 NIST Nanomechanical Properties of Polymer Thin Films Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5588 NIST Small-Angle Scattering of Nanoscale Structures: Critical Dimensions and Materials Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5602 NIST Phase Field Modeling Tools and Bridging Length Scales Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5606 NIST Spintronics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5607 NIST Magnetic Nanotechnology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5612 NIST Measurements of the Underlying Processes of Metals Deformation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5614 NIST Modeling Metals Deformation at the Nanoscale Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B5946 NIST Combinatorial Approaches to Intelligent Surfaces by Polymer Grafting Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6151 NIST Fundamentals of Charged Macromolecules at Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6276 NIST Direct Measurement of Multiaxial Yield Surfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6778 NIST Spatially Resolved Microstructure of Organic Semiconductors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6780 NIST Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic Film Architecture Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6782 NIST Nanoimprint Lithography Patterning of Functional Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6790 NIST Diffusion in Advanced Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B6958 NIST Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7259 NIST Polymers from Renewable Feedstocks for Sustainability Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7261 NIST Polymer Dynamics for Energy Storage and Delivery Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7263 NIST Structure and Dynamics of Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Fuel Cell Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7320 NIST Spectroscopic and Microscopic Determination of DNA Wrapping Structures on Carbon Nanotubes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7327 NIST Protein and Surfactant Corona Measurement on Dispersed Carbon Nanotubes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7328 NIST Purified Nanotubes for Intrinsic Property Measurement Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7361 NIST Structural Measurements to Enable Photovoltaics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7500 NIST Interface Characterization in Sustainable Composites Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7643 NIST Polymer Membranes for Water Purification Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7654 NIST Block Copolymer Lithography Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7663 NIST Integrating Data and Computational Tools for Advanced Materials Design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7735 NIST Microwave Conductivity of Carbon-Based Nanocomposites Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7754 NIST Neutrons for Soft Materials Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7793 NIST Characterization of Complex Colloids via Analytical Ultracentrifugation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7809 NIST Multiscale Modeling of Interfacial Environments around Carbon Nanotubes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7811 NIST Structure, Dynamics, and Transport Properties of Confined Polyelectrolytes for Energy Storage and Delivery Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B7890 NIST Materials Modeling, Characterization, and Design for Plasticity Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8018 NIST Physical and Chemical Mechanisms of Single-wall Carbon Nanotube Separations Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8019 NIST Organic Phase Separations of Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8026 NIST Model Polyelectrolyte Solutions and Complexes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8027 NIST Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers Into Particles and Gels: Model Biomaterials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8037 NIST Finite Element and Crystal Plasticity Modeling for the Development of Lightweighting Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8063 NIST Microstructure Evolution Models for Optimizing Metals Additive Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8065 NIST Phase-Based Property Data Informatics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8083 NIST First-Principle Based Modeling for Advancing 2D Electronics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8104 NIST Advancing State-of-the-Art Material Phase and Crystallographic Texture Characterization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8146 NIST Theory of Macromolecules and Other Soft Materials at Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8147 NIST Qualifying and Quantifying Order in Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8210 NIST Colloidal Phase Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes under High Concentrations of Polymers and Salts Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8211 NIST Chiral Assembly of Chromophores at Nanoscale Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8224 NIST Dynamic Mechanical Property Measurements of Metals, Ceramics, and Polymers Using Novel Kolsky Bar Techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8270 NIST Physical Models and Characterization of Olefinic Copolymers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8284 NIST Model Polymer Gels and Networks for Rational Sustainable Design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8306 NIST Microstructural Modeling of Additively Manufactured Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8309 NIST Processing-Structure-Property Relationships for ICME of Advanced Engineering Alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8344 NIST Low-Dimensional Materials for Electronics, Photonics, Energy, and Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8470 NIST Theory and Simulation of Polyelectrolyte Complexation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8484 NIST Polymers Additive Manufacturing and Rheology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8556 NIST X-ray Scattering to Determine Soft Matter Materials Structure Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8561 NIST Rheo-Raman Microscopy for Soft Matter Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8562 NIST Processing and crystallization of mixed plastics to improve recycling Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.B8564 NIST High Rate Mechanical Properties of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0049 NIST Electrochemical Surface Science of Metal-Electrolyte Interfaces: Theory and Experiment Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0073 NIST Polymer Thin Film Structure and Composition Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0086 NIST Mechanisms of polyplex formation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0165 NIST Computational Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0166 NIST The Materials Genome Initiative for Polymers and Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0192 NIST Materials characterization and performance of additively-manufactured alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0193 NIST Corrosion Behavior of Additively-Manufactured Alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0200 NIST Design, Characterization, and Modeling of Sequence Controlled Polymers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0299 NIST Dielectric and Rheological Characterization of Chiral Cellulose Nanocrystal Polymer Composites Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0301 NIST Measuring morphology, dynamics, and transport in polymers with advanced NMR methods Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0328 NIST Protein Aggregation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0359 NIST Structure refinement of solid polymers using NMR and computational methods Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0381 NIST Modulating quantum structure of 1D materials by covalent surface chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0400 NIST Viscoelastic flow instabilities and turbulence Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0401 NIST Mechanical Behavior of Organ-on-Chip Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0473 NIST Incorporating Theory and Domain Knowledge into the Machine Learning of Polymeric Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0483 NIST Polymer Mechanics, Dynamics, and Transport Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0513 NIST Computational Electrochemistry and Dielectric Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0572 NIST Novel Magnetic Materials for Advanced Spin-Based Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0573 NIST Spin-orbit Phenomena in Magnetic Thin Films Coupled with Low-Dimensional Materials for Spintronics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0584 NIST Combining Theory, Simulation, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Experiments for Industrial Formulation Discovery Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0598 NIST Advanced Imaging and Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composite Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0601 NIST Blood Analogues and Flow Stress Visualization for Medical Device Testing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0614 NIST Carbon Nanotubes for Optical Applications - Directed Assembly, Characterization, and Emergent Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0643 NIST Dynamic Atomistic Predictions of Crystalline, Crystal Defect and Liquid Metal Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0656 NIST Developing Novel Additive Manufacturing Processing Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0762 NIST Polymer Membranes and Sorbents for CO2 Capture Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0800 NIST Data-driven materials discovery and design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0832 NIST Identifying Material Behavior from Measurements and Simulations in Advanced Mechanical Testing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0917 NIST EUV Photoresist Chemistry and Structure Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0935 NIST Structure, property and performance of high impurity-tolerant metals and alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.21.C0942 NIST Improving Sorting of Polyolefins for the Circular Economy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B1654 NIST Microbeam Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B1661 NIST Submicroscopic Chemical and Physical Characterization of Materials and Particles Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B4039 NIST Electronic Structure of Organic Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B5251 NIST Computational Studies of Functional Oxide Materials and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B6246 NIST Quantitative Modeling of Complex Microanalytical Problems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B6481 NIST Atomic-Resolution Chemical Imaging of Individual Nanostructures in an Aberration-Corrected STEM/TEM Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B6766 NIST Determining Local and Nanoscale Structure in Inorganic Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B6767 NIST Thermoelectric, Battery, and other Energy Conversion Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B6980 NIST Super-Resolution Chemical Imaging Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7172 NIST Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Materials through Small Volume Mechanical Testing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7390 NIST Analysis of Individual Atmospheric Particles to Understand Aerosol Effects on Environment and Climate Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7417 NIST Carbon (CO2) Capture, Selective Gas Sorbent Materials, and Carbon Sequestration Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7517 NIST Speciation and Related Chemical Information from X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7650 NIST Forensic Trace Evidence Analysis and Standards Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7684 NIST Biological 3D Correlative Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7827 NIST X-Ray Metrology and Standards Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7922 NIST Compressive Sensing Methods for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7958 NIST Nano- and Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy of Three-Dimensional Structures Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B7985 NIST Adsorption Science to Enable Sustainable Development Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8070 NIST Surface Metrology of Nanomaterials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8183 NIST Microstructure of Structural and Functional Ceramics for Additive Manufacturing, Energy Conversion and Storage Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8187 NIST Mass Spectrometry Metrology for Trace Detection and Chemical Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8238 NIST Enabling Advanced Functionalities in Photonics using Low-Dimensional Semiconductors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8265 NIST Machine Learning for High Throughput Materials Discovery and Optimization Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8272 NIST Elucidating Factors Contributing to Sustainability and Efficacy of Nanomaterials in Complex Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8291 NIST Separation of Small Molecules and Polymers through Nanochannels Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8316 NIST Computational Studies of Nanoporous Solids Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8437 NIST Improving Efficacy through New Measurements and Classical Design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8442 NIST Surface Chemical Imaging of Commercially and Biologically Relevant Materials for Quantitative Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8443 NIST Transport Property Measurements for Semiconductors and Energy Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8458 NIST First-Principles Modeling of Electronic Structure and Near-Edge X-Ray Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8459 NIST Four-Dimensional (4D) Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8463 NIST High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy Using Microcalorimeter Detectors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8486 NIST Hierarchical structures for multifunctional, tough composites, textiles, and elastomers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8487 NIST Long-Term Performance of Textiles, Nanocomposites, and High Strength Fibers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8488 NIST Full-field imaging and data frameworks for impact materials by design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8492 NIST Elucidation of the Effect of Free Volume Distribution on Polymeric and Composite Material Lifetimes Using Novel Nanoscale Structure-Property Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8551 NIST Point-of-Care Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for Precision Medicine Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8558 NIST Machine Learning for Autonomous Genetic Engineering of Microbial Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.B8559 NIST Machine Learning-driven Autonomous Systems for Materials Discovery and Optimization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0042 NIST Advanced Methods for Analysis of Nanomaterial Performance and Reactivity Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0043 NIST Advanced Regulatory Science for Nanotechnology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0217 NIST Mass Spectrometry and Chemometrics for Forensic Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0227 NIST Towards Understanding the Structure and Microstructure Evolution Kinetics of Additive Manufactured Alloys Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0280 NIST Characterization of nanocomposites from additive manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0292 NIST Metrology for Nanomaterial-Based Non-Biological Complex Drugs Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0293 NIST Chemical and Physical Metrology for Micro- and Nanoplastics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0343 NIST Ultrafast Materials Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0344 NIST Advanced Forensic Toxicology Measurements through Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0362 NIST Application of Knowledge Graphs to Materials Science and Engineering Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0364 NIST Atom Probe: Improving the Accuracy and Precision of 3D Atom Probe Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0529 NIST Strengthening Forensic Fire Debris Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0530 NIST Advancing Forensic Seized Drug Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0595 NIST First Principles Materials Modeling and Materials Discovery Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0621 NIST Advanced Nanoscale Property Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0642 NIST Separation and quantitative measurement methods for micro- and nanoplastics in complex matrices Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0666 NIST Micro- and Nanoplastics Chemical Characterization and Quantification Measurement Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0712 NIST Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Measurements to Elucidate Porosity of Carbon Capture Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0716 NIST Advanced Separation Methods to Facilitate a Circular Economy for Textiles Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0718 NIST In-situ characterization by Raman-spectroscopy enhanced instrumented indentation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0724 NIST Nanoscale Strain Measurement for Semiconductors and Advanced Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0754 NIST Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0795 NIST High Performance Energy Dispersive Electron Excited X-ray Microanalysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0823 NIST Synchrotron Characterization of Advanced Manufacturing Processes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0872 NIST In situ characterization of advanced ceramic sintering processes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0878 NIST Scientific machine learning methods for trustable accelerated materials characterization and design Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0886 NIST Advancing Drug Detection and Identification for Public Health and Harm Reduction Gaithersburg MD
50.64.31.C0890 NIST Autonomous MOF Synthesis for Direct Air Capture Sorbents Gaithersburg MD
50.64.35.B6768 NIST Synchrotron Methods: Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Upton NY
50.64.35.B6769 NIST Synchrotron Methods: Variable Kinetic Energy X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Upton NY
50.64.35.B8405 NIST X-Ray Science with Superconducting Sensors Upton NY
50.64.35.C0701 NIST NIST/BNL High-Throughput Investigation of Chemical and Material Systems Upton NY
50.64.35.C0924 NIST Materials Discovery Using Synchrotron Radiation, Machine Learning, and Artifical Intelligence Upton NY
50.64.41.B4242 NIST Population genetics, molecular evolution and bioinformatics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B6517 NIST Screening Cell Response to Tissue Scaffold Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B6740 NIST Quantitative Flow Cytometry Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7203 NIST Multiplexed Biomolecular Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7206 NIST Microsystems for Massively Multiplexed Molecular Biology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7296 NIST Advanced Methods for Screening Human Stem Cell Function in 3D Tissue Scaffolds Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7297 NIST Measuring Cell Viability in Scaffolds Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7298 NIST Functional Measurements of Tissue Engineered Retinal Pigment Epithelium Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7314 NIST Quantification of Bacteria Colonization on Controlled Surfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7315 NIST Protein and Bacterial Biofouling on Medical Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7316 NIST Chemical and Structural Spatial Distribution of Biofilms Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7369 NIST Metrology for Microbial Community Dynamics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7624 NIST Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements for Chemical and Biochemical Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7641 NIST Advancing Cell-Based Viral Infectivity Assays: Enhancing Reproducibility and Automation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7834 NIST Measurement Science and Engineering Biology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7844 NIST Precision Medicine Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7854 NIST Living Measurement Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B7956 NIST Novel Light Scattering Imaging to Measure the Mass of Gene Delivery Particles Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8005 NIST Developing Biomarkers for Pluripotency and Differentiation in Live Cells Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8161 NIST Single-Cell Force Spectroscopy through AFM for Mechanics and Kinetics of Cell-Materials and Cell-Cell Adhesive Interaction Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8169 NIST Mathematical Models for Characterizing Pluripotent Stem Cell Populations Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8206 NIST Microbial “Dark Matter” Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8208 NIST Measuring Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8223 NIST Multiplexed Assays for Cell-based Production of Biopharmaceuticals Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8229 NIST Tools to Predict the Emergence and Spread of Anti-Microbial Resistance Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8332 NIST Development of Hyperspectral Raman Imaging for Biology and Medicine: Optical Platform and Data Mining Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8352 NIST Rapid Pathogen Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8353 NIST Mixed Pathogen Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8375 NIST Engineering Complex Microbial Ecosystems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8383 NIST Design Principles for Advanced Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8384 NIST Advanced Imaging Tools to Measure Dynamics of Pluripotency and Differentiation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8385 NIST Toward Optimized Scheduling of Pluripotent Stem Cell Processing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8449 NIST Research in Development of Nuclear Techniques for Elemental Speciation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8452 NIST Mapping Responses in Complex Microbial Systems using Advanced Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8571 NIST Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy of Higher Order Structures of Protein Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.B8574 NIST Metrology for Epigenetics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0094 NIST Precision Measurements of Cancer Biomarkers for Liquid Biopsies Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0251 NIST Improving Measurement Assurance of In Vitro Toxicity Assays Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0313 NIST Artificial Intelligence for Genomics Reference Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0314 NIST Epigenomics and Transcriptomics Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0317 NIST Genome Assembly Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0318 NIST Cancer Genome Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0326 NIST Analytical Metrology for Quantifying Drug Release Profiles from Nanotechnology-Enabled Medical Products Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0414 NIST Analytical Metrology for Production and Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) as a Drug Delivery System Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0605 NIST Advanced Methods for Measuring Microbial Viability Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0622 NIST Measuring Microbial Interaction Networks within Microbiomes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0678 NIST Evaluating Cell Health for Cell Therapy Products Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0711 NIST Label-Free Cell Imaging Using Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.41.C0794 NIST Advanced Imaging of Biomaterials and Smart Polymers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B4033 NIST Structure-Function Relationships of Biological Macromolecules Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B5904 NIST Biopharmaceutical and Membrane Protein Stabilization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B6483 NIST The Measurement Science of Clinical Proteomics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B6643 NIST Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies for Controlled Molecular Self-Assembly, Analytical Biochemistry, and Multiplexed Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B6750 NIST Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Biosimilar Drugs Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B6906 NIST Enabling Research for Next-Generation Chemical and Biochemical Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B6978 NIST Fundamental Studies of Transduction Phenomena for Microscale and Nanoscale Chemical/Biochemical Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7388 NIST Mass Spectrometry-Based Measurements of Protein Glycosylation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7662 NIST Microfluidics for Biotherapeutics Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7685 NIST Analytical Technology for Biopharmaceutical Process and Product Characterization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7716 NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7752 NIST Building and Using Mass Spectral Reference Libraries Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7841 NIST Numerical Methods in Chemical Spectroscopy and Materials Characterization Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7843 NIST Differentiation of Analytical and Biological Variability in Metabolomics using Standard Reference Materials and Multivariate Statistics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7942 NIST In vivo Protein Labeling with Stable Isotopes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7943 NIST Engineering Enzymes for the Biomanufacture of Nucleoside Conjugates Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B7947 NIST Qualitative and Quantitative Characterization of Clinical Analytes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8099 NIST Development of Technologies to Enable Single Molecule Protein Sequencing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8162 NIST Algorithms for Compound Identification by Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8182 NIST Forensic Genetics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8254 NIST Development of Procedures for Increasing the Information Content of the Biomolecular Solution X-ray Scattering Data and Improving the Accuracy of their Structural Interpretation Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8255 NIST Determination of Structural Ensembles Describing Conformational Averaging in Proteins and RNA from Solution NMR and X-ray and Neutron Scattering Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8263 NIST Clinical Genetics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8313 NIST Analytical Methods Development for Metabolomics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8331 NIST Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Forensic Markers Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8453 NIST Characterization of Protein-based Allergens Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8485 NIST High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopic Measurements for 3D Structural “Finger-Printing” of Biological Therapeutics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8525 NIST Next Generation Biopharmaceuticals Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8536 NIST Computational Methods for NMR Structural Biology and Biomanufacturing of Protein and Live Cell Therapeutics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.B8557 NIST Structure-function Studies of Antimicrobial Peptides in Lipid Membranes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0041 NIST Oxidative DNA damage as bioindicator for environmental genotoxicity Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0267 NIST Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0394 NIST Method development for quantifying protein hormones in clinical applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0395 NIST Advanced computational modeling techniques to enable fast screening of RNA biopharmaceutical products Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0458 NIST Structural Fingerprinting of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0475 NIST Structural Profiling of mRNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Platform Technologies Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0485 NIST Leveraging Artificial Neural Networks for Enhancing GC and LC-MS Metabolomics Data Interpretation and Integration Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0612 NIST Accurate Nucleic Acid Measurements for Molecular Diagnostics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0631 NIST Ensuring the Safety of Vaccines and Biologics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0658 NIST Oligonucleotide Analysis by Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0789 NIST Creating Computational Techniques to Investigate the Ensemble Structures of Flexible Proteins In Combination with Neutron Scattering Data Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0818 NIST Improving Peptide Identification By Making Use of All Levels of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0839 NIST Structural characterization of LNP/mRNA vaccines by combining CryoEM, SAXS, and SANS Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0899 NIST Applications in Forensic Proteomics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0939 NIST Structure-function Analysis of Vaccines using solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gaithersburg MD
50.64.51.C0941 NIST Real-time monitoring of bioreactions, using in-line, low-field, benchtop NMR, to facilitate adaptive control in biotherapeutic manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B1641 NIST Quantitative Spectroscopic Measurements for Climate Science Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B1709 NIST Analytical Mass Spectrometry for Organics and Biomolecules Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B1711 NIST Novel Analytical Separation Science Methodology Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B1712 NIST Separation Science Techniques for Trace Organic Analysis Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B3922 NIST Diagnostics for Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition Processes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B3932 NIST Applications of Organic Analytical Chemistry in Forensic Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B4792 NIST Methods and Applications in Ab Initio Thermochemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B4794 NIST Analytical Methods Development for the Determination of Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Marine Environment Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B5547 NIST Research in Elemental Speciation of Clinical and Biological Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6482 NIST Analytical Chemistry of Nanomaterials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6751 NIST Virtual Measurements from Quantum Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6773 NIST Computational and Theoretical Approaches for Understanding Complex Fluids Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6907 NIST Research in Metallomics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6909 NIST Chemical Metrology of Dietary Supplements Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6986 NIST Development of Methods for High-Accuracy Measurements in Complex Chemical and Biological Samples Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B6989 NIST Depth Profiling Using Neutron Beams Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B7230 NIST Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Chromatographic Sorbents Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B7477 NIST Secondary Organic Aerosol Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B7728 NIST Applications of Quantum Chemistry to Chemical Structure and Reactivity Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B7857 NIST Optical Measurements of Aerosol Optical Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B7914 NIST Measurement Science for Chemical Processes Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8006 NIST Macromolecular Separation Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8156 NIST Determination of Chemical and Microbial Contaminant Profiles in Water Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8168 NIST Catching Crooks with Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8325 NIST Ultra-Sensitive Molecular Spectroscopy for Applications in Atmospheric Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8328 NIST Time-Resolved Frequency Comb Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8431 NIST Ab Initio Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8450 NIST Research in Advanced Concepts for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8476 NIST Measurement Science to Promote Water Quality and Health in Aquaculture Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.B8477 NIST Development of Nuclear Analytical Imaging Techniques for Materials Analysis with Spatial and Spectral Specificity Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0054 NIST Advances in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0098 NIST Uncertainty Analysis for Machine Learning and Optimization Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0235 NIST Metabolomics for human health, food quality and safety, and forensic science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0249 NIST Chemical Speciation on Heterogeneous Surfaces and Interfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0396 NIST Developing Fundamental Understanding of Separation Science Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0409 NIST Measurement Science to Advance Marine and Coastal Carbon Chemistry Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0449 NIST Computational Self-Assembly of Soft Matter Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0480 NIST Development of New Computational Methodologies for Molecular Simulation of Soft Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0519 NIST Quantitative Aerosol Metrology for Environmental, Climate and Health Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0615 NIST Research in the Measurement Science of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0713 NIST Data, Technology, and Measurements for the Adsorption Sciences Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0734 NIST Chemical Metrology of Cannabis Plants and Cannabis-Containing Commercial Products Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0838 NIST Measurement Science and Services for Isotope Metallomics Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0863 NIST Sorbent Measurements for Direct Air Capture (DAC) of Carbon Dioxide Gaithersburg MD
50.64.61.C0909 NIST Theory and Computer Simulation of Soft Materials Using Machine Learning Gaithersburg MD
50.64.62.B1712 NIST Separation Science Techniques for Trace Organic Analysis Waimanalo HI
50.64.62.B4794 NIST Analytical Methods Development for the Determination of Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Marine Environment Waimanalo HI
50.64.62.C0219 NIST Chemical Measurement Services for Assessing Plastic Marine Debris Pollution Waimanalo HI
50.64.63.B1712 NIST Separation Science Techniques for Trace Organic Analysis Charleston SC
50.64.63.B4794 NIST Analytical Methods Development for the Determination of Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Marine Environment Charleston SC
50.64.63.B5547 NIST Research in Elemental Speciation of Clinical and Biological Systems Charleston SC
50.64.63.B6907 NIST Research in Metallomics Charleston SC
50.64.63.B7859 NIST Stable Isotope Metrology for Environmental and Forensics Research Charleston SC
50.64.63.B7888 NIST Metabolomic and Lipidomic Research: Emphasizing Advanced Data Analysis, Metabolite/Lipid Annotation, and Functional Pathway Elucidation Charleston SC
50.64.63.B8335 NIST Determination of Chemical Contaminant Profiles in Water Charleston SC
50.64.63.B8576 NIST Advances in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Exposure Sciences and Forensic Analyses Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0152 NIST Mass Spectrometry of Chemical Tracers Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0153 NIST Non-targeted Omic Based Bioanalytical Measurements Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0154 NIST Multimodal Microbiome Measurements Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0272 NIST Developing bioanalytical foundations for analysis in non-model systems Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0273 NIST Benchmarking metaproteomic analytical workflows Charleston SC
50.64.63.C0617 NIST Research in the Measurement Science of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Charleston SC
50.64.72.B5221 NIST Thermodynamics of Gas Mixtures for Industry and Environment Boulder CO
50.64.72.B5930 NIST Increasing the Structural Reliability of our Infrastructure Boulder CO
50.64.72.B6752 NIST Biofuels: Enabling the Transition by Advancing Thermophysics Boulder CO
50.64.72.B6774 NIST Developing new techniques for studying the underlying mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement Boulder CO
50.64.72.B6981 NIST Modeling Thermophysical Properties for Alternative Energy Systems Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7092 NIST Fatigue and Fracture of Metallic Materials Processed via Additive Manufacturing Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7228 NIST Vapor Detection in Forensic Chemical Analysis Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7247 NIST Reliability of Implanted Cardiac Devices Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7374 NIST Analysis and Modeling of Structural Behavior of Materials Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7544 NIST High Field NMR for Renewable Fuel Characterization Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7545 NIST Thermal Stability of Liquid Fuels: Fundamental Studies of Kinetics Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7546 NIST The Strange Phenomena of Odor Masking Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7549 NIST Machine Learning Methods for the Prediction and Correlation of Thermophysical Properties Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7554 NIST Theory and Modeling for CO2 and its Mixtures in Energy Systems Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7744 NIST High-Temperature Piezoelectric Materials for Resonant Acoustic Sensors Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7990 NIST Data-Driven Technologies for Fluid Property Simulation Boulder CO
50.64.72.B7999 NIST Computational Modeling of Fracture and Fatigue in Hydrogen Environments Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8091 NIST Scanning Probe Microscopy of Advanced Materials for Energy and Manufacturing Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8138 NIST Data-driven Model Development for Property Prediction in Alloys and Composites Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8153 NIST Microbial nanomotion and life – Insight and control through noise measurements Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8158 NIST Chemical Foundation for Capture and Release of Difficult to Detect Drugs or Drug Metabolites of Abuse Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8160 NIST Causal Green’s Function for Modeling of Phonon Transport in Nanoscale Semiconductors: Application to Devices for Thermal Management and Energy Applications Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8257 NIST Advanced Materials and Methods for Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Standardization for the Second Century of Analytical NMR Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8320 NIST Theory and Simulation of Nanoscale Systems and Devices Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8349 NIST Atomistic Modeling of Strains and Electronic Distortions in Materials for Quantum Computers Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8489 NIST Transmission Scanning Electron Microscopy for Materials Characterization Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8499 NIST Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Fundamental Fluid Behavior Boulder CO
50.64.72.B8514 NIST Ultrafast Extreme Ultraviolet Mass Spectroscopy at High Field Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0013 NIST Measurements and Theory for Thermal Transport Properties of Fluid Mixtures Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0160 NIST Nondestructive Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Alloys Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0163 NIST High-Accuracy Measurements on Complex Mixtures with NMR Spectroscopy: Applications to Refrigeration, Forensic Science, Hydrogen Storage and Carbon Capture Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0164 NIST Activation and Deactivation of Cannabinoid Receptors by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy Screening Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0214 NIST Applications of Real-Time Portable Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Science Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0234 NIST Sampling and Characterization of Breath Metabolic Products Associated with Cannabis Use Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0266 NIST Nanometer-Scale Characterization and Reliability of 2D Materials Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0363 NIST Development of Viscosity Prediction Methods Based on Molecular Parameters and Intermolecular Interaction for Organic Compounds Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0393 NIST Methods to Evaluate Partition Coefficients of Biologically Active Molecules Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0403 NIST Molecular Modeling of Fluid Thermophysical Properties Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0424 NIST Supercritical Fluid Thermodynamics-Yang-Yang Critical Anomaly Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0442 NIST Computational Investigations of Molecular Interface Formation from the Perspective of Cosolvent Preferential Interactions Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0444 NIST Computational investigations of proton transfer between ionizable moieties in heterogeneous molecular environments Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0453 NIST Exploring the molecular details of the ERK2 enzyme Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0461 NIST Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Acquisition and Analysis of Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Property Information Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0472 NIST Bias-induced Strain Mapping of Electronic and Energy Materials in an Atomic Force Microscope Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0499 NIST Measurement of High-Accuracy Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data with NMR Spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0500 NIST Exploring the effect of hydrogen environment on the mechanical properties of structural metals Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0501 NIST Developing New Techniques for Studying the Underlying Mechanisms of Hydrogen Embrittlement Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0517 NIST Electric-Acoustic Spectrometer Fabrication and Validation with Existing Spectroscopic Techniques Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0527 NIST High-pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy of Intermolecular Interactions Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0538 NIST Experimental Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0580 NIST Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing for Critical Applications Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0594 NIST Molecular Design Foundry: Enabling Separation Processes Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0673 NIST Flexible Electronics Reliability Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0677 NIST Reliability of Electronic Materials Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0694 NIST Sub-nanometer pores in two-dimensional materials for nanofluidics, sensing and energy applications Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0767 NIST CO2 Corrosion – Measurements for 21st Century Energy Infrastructure Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0787 NIST Computational Fluid Dynamics Applied to Measurement Studies Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0874 NIST CHIPPING away towards accurate properties of semiconductor process gases. Boulder CO
50.64.72.C0888 NIST Enhancing the capabilities and applicability of ion-association thermodynamic models for aqueous electrolytes. Boulder CO
50.65.21.C0562 NIST Ceramic Additive/Advanced Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.67.22.B5521 NIST Waveform Metrology Boulder CO
50.67.22.B6230 NIST Broadband Electromagnetic Characterization of Thin-Film Electronic Materials and Devices Boulder CO
50.67.22.B7594 NIST Microwave Microfluidics Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8148 NIST SFQ Synthesizer Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8279 NIST On-Chip Metrology for the mm-Wave Revolution Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8281 NIST Advanced Microwave Microfluidics for Real-time Diagnostics and Chemical Analysis Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8282 NIST 5G Advanced Microwave Materials for Millimeter-wave Devices Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8283 NIST Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8435 NIST High-Throughput Microwave Microfluidics for Diagnostics of Complex Fluids Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8436 NIST Microwave Materials for High-Speed Microelectronics Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8440 NIST On-chip Microwave Power Standards Based on the Optical Frequency Comb Boulder CO
50.67.22.B8441 NIST Metrology for Quasi-Optical Wireless Probing of Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0091 NIST Ultrafast Photodetectors Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0253 NIST Chip-Scale Interconnects for 5G Communications Technology Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0278 NIST Quantum Optical Networking and Transduction Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0554 NIST Rydberg Atom-Based Blackbody Radiation Detection Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0609 NIST Quantum Enhanced Rydberg Atom Sensors Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0704 NIST Label-free Biomolecule Sensing with Microwave Microfluidics Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0717 NIST Superconductive Electronics for Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic Computing, and RF Communications Metrology Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0770 NIST Millimeter-Wave over-the-air Waveform Signatures Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0781 NIST Acoustic-electric microfluidic spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.67.22.C0877 NIST Rydberg Atom Based Sources Boulder CO
50.67.26.C0416 NIST Optical Time and Frequency Transfer Boulder CO
50.67.26.C0611 NIST Frequency Combs for Remote Sensing Boulder CO
50.68.02.B4789 NIST DNA Transport in Single Nanopores Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B7453 NIST Inter-spin Distance Measurements in Nanobiomaterials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B7487 NIST Quantum and Classical Light-Matter Interactions in Nanophotonic Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B7509 NIST Localization Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B7578 NIST Structure-Function Determination of Membrane Proteins Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B7727 NIST Multimodal Transducersfor Nanoscale Sensing, Imaging and Manipulation Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B8072 NIST Theoretical Nanoscale Biophysics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B8078 NIST Resonant Micro and Nanoelectromechanical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B8225 NIST Modeling for Quantitative Scanning Electron Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B8466 NIST Measurement and Control of Microfluidic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.B8495 NIST DNA as a Model for Self-Assembling Nanoscale Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0078 NIST Drug Toxicity Measurements with Tissues-on-chips and Microphysiologic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0203 NIST Photonic Engineering for Single Quantum Emitters Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0271 NIST Super-resolution Imaging of Single-Molecules as a Tool for Nanoscale Soft Material Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0288 NIST Integrated Microfluidics and Photonics for Chemical and Cellular Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0482 NIST Quantum Transport, Control, and Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0526 NIST Integrated Photonic Interfaces to Free-space Volumes for Miniaturized Atomic and Molecular Optics Systems on a Chip Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0553 NIST Single Molecule Biosensors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0576 NIST Optical Frequency Comb Development for Physical Metrology and Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0628 NIST Nanophotonic Enabled Spatiotemporal Control of Light Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0742 NIST Traceable atomic force microscope dimensional metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0805 NIST Electro-optic frequency combs Gaithersburg MD
50.68.02.C0912 NIST Optical metasurfaces for trapped ion quantum computing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B1498 NIST Scanning Probe Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B1737 NIST Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B4069 NIST Atomic Scale Characterization and Manipulation Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B4752 NIST Interface Engineering: Using Surface Chemistry to Impart Desired Properties Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B6418 NIST Functionalizing Semiconductor Surfaces Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B6810 NIST Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanostructures Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B6811 NIST Nanoparticle Engineering, Production, Assembly, and Characterization Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B6812 NIST Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B7333 NIST Power Electronics Performance and Reliability Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B7674 NIST Precision Materials for Quantum Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B7877 NIST Ultrafast Condensed-Phase Dynamics Using Mid-Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopies Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8024 NIST Atom-based Silicon Quantum Electronics for Quantum Computing and Analog Quantum Simulation Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8034 NIST Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8041 NIST Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-IR, PTIR) Advances and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8134 NIST Measurements for Resistive Switching Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8196 NIST Nanomagnetism-Dynamics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8247 NIST Enriched Silicon Quantum Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8259 NIST High Frequency Electrical Metrology for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8273 NIST Nanoscale Characterization of Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8389 NIST Solid-State Device Reliability and Resiliency Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8390 NIST Physical, Chemical, and Biological Studies using Spin Resonance Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8456 NIST Femtosecond Time-Resolved Measurements in Semiconductor Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8478 NIST Single Electron Devices for Quantum Information and Metrology in Silicon Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8479 NIST Actinic Optical Dimensional Characterization of Deep-Subwavelength Nanostructures Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8512 NIST In Situ SEM-Raman Spectromicroscopy of Working Devices and Active Interfaces under Realistic Conditions: in Liquids and Gases Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8513 NIST Electron Spectroscopy and Microscopy in Liquids and Gases Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.B8528 NIST Advanced Electronic Structure Measurements of Novel Materials and Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0285 NIST Devices, Circuits and Architectures for Neuromorphic Computing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0305 NIST Relating Physics to Performance in Organic Electronic Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0334 NIST Femtosecond Time-resolved Optical Measurements in Condensed Matter Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0419 NIST Two-Dimensional (2-D) Heterostructure Devices and Twisted Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0427 NIST Nanoscale Spectroscopy (AFM-IR, PTIR, STML) for Strongly Correlated Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0660 NIST Quantum Error Correction and Fault-Tolerance Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0739 NIST Fabrication and Characterization of Active Interfaces Relevant to Wide Band Gap (WBG) Semiconductors Electronics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0861 NIST DUV/EUV Nanoscopy for Characterization of Nanoscale Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0862 NIST Physics and applications of high binding energy excitons Gaithersburg MD
50.68.03.C0892 NIST High-Frequency Studies of Topological Insulators (TI’s) Including Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect (QAHE) Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B1796 NIST Neutron Field Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B4084 NIST Fundamental Physics with Cold Neutrons Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B6257 NIST Neutron Detection and Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7563 NIST Neutron Interferometry and Optics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7575 NIST Medical and Industrial Radiation Research Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7860 NIST Neutron Imaging for Materials and Energy Research Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B7950 NIST Portable Device for Realization of Primary Radioactivity Standards Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B8017 NIST Absolute Quantitation in Molecular Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B8118 NIST Measurement Science for Nuclear Forensics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B8151 NIST Atom and Neutron Interferometry Meet Quantum Information Theory Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.B8214 NIST Metrology for Needed Nuclear Structure and Radioactive Decay Data Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0315 NIST Decay Energy Spectrometry (DES) Using Transition Edge Sensors (TES) For Measuring Absolute Activity of Radionuclides Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0345 NIST Absolute radioactive gas measurements spanning 9 orders of magnitude in activity Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0494 NIST Designing Liquid Scintillators for Optimal Light Yield, Pulse Shape Discrimination, and Neutron Sensitivity for Applications in Neutrino Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0723 NIST Quantum Sensors for Charged Particle Detection and Neutron Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0736 NIST Advanced X-ray Fundamental Parameters Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0831 NIST Inkjet fabrication of phantoms for autoradiography and medical imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.21.C0918 NIST Using Neutron Interferometry to Measure Material Structure and Probe New Physics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7002 NIST Quantum Information Applications of Si Single Electron Tunneling Devices Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7380 NIST MEMS-Based Scanning Probe Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7582 NIST Advanced Ballistics Identification Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B7785 NIST Nanoelectronic-Based Manipulation and Measurement Tools for Biological Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8219 NIST Dimensioning Newton's Constant: Subpicometer Displacement Interferometry, Submicrometer Mechanical Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8326 NIST Electronic and Optomechanical Measurements of Biomolecules Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.B8393 NIST MEMS/NEMS Resonators Gaithersburg MD
50.68.31.C0620 NIST Integrated Cavity Optomechanics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B1752 NIST Laser Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Atoms Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B4399 NIST Bose Einstein Condensation Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B4400 NIST Quantum Information and Quantum Optics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B5237 NIST Theory of Quantum Computing with Ultracold Neutral Atoms Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B5919 NIST Atom-based Solid-state Quantum Devices and Simulators Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B6736 NIST Intrinsic Force Standards Based on Atomic and Molecular Interactions Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B6755 NIST Engineering Atoms for Fundamental Constants and Atomic Data Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7322 NIST Conductivity and Resistivity of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7593 NIST Quantum Electrodynamics and Fundamental Constants Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B7753 NIST Graphene Metrology for New Intrinsic Quantum Electrical Standards and Device Technologies Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8007 NIST Advanced Properties of Single-photon Sources and Detectors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8094 NIST Atomic Physics for Plasma Spectroscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8101 NIST Quantum Many-Body Physics, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8137 NIST Quantum-Accurate Waveform Synthesis and Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8145 NIST Quantum Optomechanical Force Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8149 NIST Advanced Instrumentation for Fundamental Electrical Measurements Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8166 NIST Quantum Hall Effect in Epitaxial Graphene Monolayers Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8278 NIST Micro- and Nano-Optomechanical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8286 NIST Fabry-Perot Interferometry for Accelerometers Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8321 NIST Advanced Single-Photon-Detector Technologies for Quantum Communications and Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.B8455 NIST Optomechanical measurement of dynamic mechanical quantities Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0031 NIST N-Photon Entanglement and N-Photon Detection for Quantum-Based Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0037 NIST Single-Photon Devices for Quantum Information Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0070 NIST Discrete Photon Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0425 NIST Quantum-Enabled Communications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0676 NIST Single-Photon Detection Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0681 NIST Neural Networks in Dynamic Mechanical Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0702 NIST Quantum Biophotonics Gaithersburg MD
50.68.41.C0703 NIST Testable Predictions of Superradiance and Related Dicke State Phenomena Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7533 NIST Synchrotron Radiation Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7534 NIST Metrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7535 NIST Measurement Science for Astronomy Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7536 NIST Fluid Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7538 NIST Photometry, Colorimetry, and Solid-State Lighting Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7540 NIST Infrared Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7541 NIST Ground- and Space-Based Remote Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7542 NIST Optical Properties of Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7543 NIST Temperature Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7548 NIST Next Generation Flow Measurement Standards and Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B7910 NIST Applications of Computational Optical Imaging Methods Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8194 NIST Intraoperative Visualization Tools Using Optical Molecular Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.B8354 NIST Quantum Nanophotonic Sensor for Precision Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0027 NIST Infrared Detection Using Novel Devices and Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0034 NIST Pressure and Vacuum Measurement and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0070 NIST Discrete Photon Detection Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0233 NIST 3D Thermal Imaging and Control with Magnetic Nano-objects Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0380 NIST Miniaturized Cold Atom Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0577 NIST Machine Learning Driven Autonomous Metrology System Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0630 NIST Platform for Realizing Integrated Molecule Experiments (PRIME) Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0645 NIST Fundamental measurements of the metal additive manufacturing process Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0661 NIST Compact Blackbody Rydberg Atom Sensor (CoBRAS) Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0699 NIST Refractive Index Properties of Bulk and Nano-scale Materials from VUV to mid-IR Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0830 NIST Non-metal fixed points Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0848 NIST Quantum Optomechanical Thermodynamic Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0887 NIST Light-Scatter Nanoscopy of Gene Delivery Systems and Complex Bio-Nanoparticles Gaithersburg MD
50.68.51.C0944 NIST Measurement Science for Astrophysics and Remote Sensing Gaithersburg MD
50.68.62.B4380 NIST Semiconductor Quantum Optics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B4766 NIST Spectroscopy of Wide-Bandgap Mesoscopic Materials Characterization by CW and Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B4777 NIST Nano-Electromagnetic Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5520 NIST Broadband Nanoimaging of Optically Excited Free Carriers Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5559 NIST Nonlinear Optical Studies of Polymer, Biomimetic, and Biological Interfaces Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5884 NIST Optical Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5887 NIST Metrology and Prototyping of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Quantum Nanowire Structures and Devices Boulder CO
50.68.62.B5923 NIST State Resolved THz and Ultraviolet Studies of Polypeptide Structure and Dynamics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6229 NIST Biomagnetic Imaging and Sensing Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6459 NIST Coherent Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6460 NIST Engineered Quantum States of Light Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6468 NIST Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.62.B6732 NIST Microwave Polarimetry: Precision Measurements for Cosmological Physics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7010 NIST Label-free Optical Medical Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7559 NIST Superconducting Quantum Circuits: Computing & Simulations, Microwave Optomechanics, Foundations of Measurement Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7583 NIST Radiation Pressure - Using the Momentum of Light to Measure its Power Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7731 NIST Laser-Matter Interactions in Extreme Ultraviolet Atom Probe Tomography Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7923 NIST Quantum Nanomechanics with Superconducting Microwave Circuits Boulder CO
50.68.62.B7934 NIST MRI Diffusion Imaging and Thermometry Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8069 NIST Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8193 NIST Metrology for Faint Photonics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8226 NIST Quantitative Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8246 NIST Quantum Circuits and Parametric Techniques in Quantum Information Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8301 NIST MRI-Based Multimodal Imaging and Enhanced MR Imaging Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8322 NIST Microfabricated Magnetic Sensors and Novel MRI/NMR Agents and Microdevices Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8409 NIST Chip-Scale Nonlinear Optics Boulder CO
50.68.62.B8483 NIST Neuromorphic Computing Using Superconducting Optoelectronic Neural Networks Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0076 NIST Integrated Quantum Nanophotonic Systems Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0093 NIST Neural Net Deep-learning for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction and Diagnosis Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0177 NIST Chip-scale Radiometry Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0286 NIST Materials for Quantum Information Applications Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0298 NIST Spectroscopic and Radiometric Monitoring of High-power Laser-metal Interaction Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0390 NIST (S)TEM Characterization of Superconducting Materials for Quantum Computing Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0616 NIST Frequency Combs for the Remote Sensing of Agricultural Gas Emissions Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0751 NIST Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0834 NIST Training, Optimization and Benchmarking of Hardware Neural Networks Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0889 NIST Superconducting nanowire single-photon detector cameras and applications Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0922 NIST Photonic Quantum Networking Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0934 NIST Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information Processing Boulder CO
50.68.62.C0945 NIST Magnetic Resonance in Industrial Applications Boulder CO
50.68.72.B3587 NIST Superconducting Detectors for Photons from Millimeter Waves through Gamma Rays Boulder CO
50.68.72.B5189 NIST Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Development Boulder CO
50.68.72.B6412 NIST Spin Electronics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B7814 NIST Phase and Frequency Dynamics of Arrays of Coupled Spin Torque Oscillators Boulder CO
50.68.72.B7935 NIST Hybrid Superconductor-Ferromagnetic Devices Boulder CO
50.68.72.B7939 NIST Dynamics and Magnetic Properties of Materials and Nanostructures for Advanced Data Storage and Spintronics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8148 NIST SFQ Synthesizer Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8239 NIST Surface Noise Metrology Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8373 NIST High-Performance Cryogenics Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8406 NIST X-Ray Science with Superconducting Sensors Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8411 NIST Johnson Noise Thermometry with Superconductive Waveform Synthesizers Boulder CO
50.68.72.B8565 NIST Spin-orbit Phenomena in Magnetic Structures for Spintronics and Spin-orbitronics Boulder CO
50.68.72.C0245 NIST Neuromorphic Computing and Artificial Intelligence Hardware Boulder CO
50.68.72.C0330 NIST Ultra-fast spectroscopy and imaging of magnetization dynamics Boulder CO
50.68.82.B1802 NIST Ion Storage Boulder CO
50.68.82.B4405 NIST Optical Frequency Combs for Clocks, Metrology, Waveform Synthesis and Spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.68.82.B8165 NIST Atomic Clocks and Wavelength References on a Chip Boulder CO
50.68.82.B8493 NIST Atomic Devices and Instrumentation with Laser-Cooled Atoms Boulder CO
50.68.82.C0044 NIST Optical Atomic Clocks Based on Laser-Cooled Neutral Atoms Boulder CO
50.68.82.C0807 NIST Chip-scale atomic magnetometers Boulder CO
50.68.92.B1813 NIST Spectroscopy, Dynamics, and Kinetics of Molecules Boulder CO
50.68.92.B4406 NIST Ultrafast Physics and Precision Spectroscopy Boulder CO
50.68.92.B4592 NIST Quantum Science and Precision Metrology - Quantum Matter Probed with Novel Light Source Boulder CO
50.68.92.B6492 NIST Solid-State Quantum Information Processing, Electrical Metrology, and Astrophysical Detectors Boulder CO
50.68.92.B8150 NIST Photophysics of Fluorescent Proteins and Quantum Spectroscopy of Molecular Systems Boulder CO
50.68.92.B8346 NIST Biophysics: Studying Single Biological Molecules with Atomic-Scale Resolution Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0095 NIST Towards Enhanced Quantum Metrology and Quantum Simulation with Correlated Quantum Matter Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0455 NIST Microscopically-Controlled Quantum Systems of Neutral Atoms for Many-Body Physics and Metrology Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0555 NIST Trapped-ion Quantum Information Processing Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0852 NIST Biophysics of Conformational Folding at the Single Molecule Level: RNA, DNA, Riboswitches, and Ribozymes Boulder CO
50.68.92.C0855 NIST Ultrafast Laser Studies of Hot Electron Photoemission Dynamics and Scanning Photoionization Microscopy (SPIM) of Plasmonic Nanostructures Boulder CO
50.69.81.B8410 NIST Noise Thermometry Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B4445 NIST Characterization of Interfaces and Interphases in Polymeric Material Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B5279 NIST Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials and Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B5285 NIST Fundamental Studies of Polymer Mechanical Properties and Adhesion Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B6281 NIST Prevention of Progressive Structural Collapse Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B7075 NIST Computational Modeling of Progressive Structural Failure and Collapse Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B7171 NIST Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Cementitious Materials, Composite Construction Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B7917 NIST Rheological Measurements of Cementitious Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B7997 NIST Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Degrading Reinforced Concrete Structures Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B8155 NIST Community Resilience Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B8402 NIST Hydrodynamicist Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B8426 NIST Microscopic and Spectroscopic Characterization in Engineered Polymeric Materials Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.B8494 NIST Community Resilience - Planning Guidance, Infrastructure Design and Performance Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0052 NIST Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation for Performance-Based Seismic Engineering Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0169 NIST Improving Functional Recovery of Buildings and Infrastructure Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0406 NIST Testing and Analysis of Structural Systems with Enhanced Robustness Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0415 NIST Wind Hazard Characterization and Building Performance Evaluation for Hurricane Maria Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0498 NIST Performance-based Design for Structures in Fire Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0581 NIST Durability of fiber-reinforced polymer composite retrofits used in buildings and infrastructure Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0687 NIST Community Resilience -- Systems modeling Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0689 NIST Community Resilience Metrics Gaithersburg MD
50.73.11.C0722 NIST Low-Damage Earthquake-Resistant Structures Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B6152 NIST Efficient, Smart, and Reliable HVAC&R Equipment Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B7567 NIST HVAC & R Equipment for High Performance Buildings Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B8164 NIST Investigations into Indoor Air Chemistry and Exposure Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B8271 NIST Burning Velocity Measurement and Predictive Methods for Marginally Flammable Refrigerants Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B8395 NIST Building Energy and Environmental Impacts Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.B8433 NIST Modeling and Measuring Indoor Air Quality in High-Performance Buildings Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.C0320 NIST Improving Control of Building Mechanical Services Using Embedded Intelligence and Sensors Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.C0428 NIST Luminescence-based Imaging Techniques for Photovoltaics Gaithersburg MD
50.73.21.C0786 NIST Advanced Control Systems in Commercial HVAC Equipment in the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B3966 NIST Large Eddy Simulation of Fires and Combustion Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B4446 NIST Fire Dynamics and Fire Protection Engineering Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B7100 NIST Flammability and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Research Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B7173 NIST High-performance Computing and Data Visualization for the NIST Fire Dynamics Simulator Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B7175 NIST Full Scale Enclosure Fire Measurements at the NIST Large Fire Laboratory Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B8086 NIST Full-Scale Testing of Structural Concrete at the National Fire Research Laboratory Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.B8195 NIST Measurement Science for Fire Research Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.C0129 NIST Fire Barriers for Low Heat Release Rate Products Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.C0531 NIST Thermal, Flow, and Particle Characterization in Fire Environments Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.C0710 NIST Artificial Intelligence and Smart Fire Fighting Gaithersburg MD
50.73.31.C0765 NIST Material Flammability, Ignitability, and Fire Growth Gaithersburg MD
50.73.51.B7870 NIST Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.73.51.B8258 NIST Augmented Intelligence for Semiconductor Manufacturing Gaithersburg MD
50.73.51.C0072 NIST Measurement Science for Manufacturing Robotic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.51.C0902 NIST Augmented Intelligence for Manufacturing Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.73.61.C0535 NIST Applied Economics Community Resilience Modeling Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4449 NIST Mathematical Modeling of Magnetic Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4450 NIST Applied Optimization and Simulation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B4825 NIST Scientific Datamining Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6377 NIST High-Performance Scientific Computing for Leadership Class Problems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6541 NIST Quantum communication Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B6663 NIST Immersive Visualization Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B7281 NIST Standardizing of Measurements on Medical Images Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B7430 NIST Complex Systems and Networks: Performance, Control, and Security Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B7763 NIST Real-time Quantitative Visualization Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B8188 NIST Computational Methods for the Solution of the Time Dependent Schroedinger Equation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B8287 NIST Modeling Complex Microstructures Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.B8345 NIST Quantum Frequency Conversion for Hybrid Quantum Networks Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0035 NIST Quantum Information and Cryptography, and Machine Learning Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0256 NIST Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Uncertainty Quantification Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0297 NIST Validated Computation of Special Functions: DLMF Standard Reference Tables on Demand Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0388 NIST Autonomous Control of Quantum Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0669 NIST Optical Quantum Metrology Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0672 NIST Quantum Network Testbeds Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0761 NIST Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0764 NIST Quantum and classical error correction Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0797 NIST Autonomous tuning for high-fidelity operations of silicon spin qubits Gaithersburg MD
50.77.11.C0860 NIST Applied Mathematics of Soft, Fluid, and Active Matter Gaithersburg MD
50.77.12.B5623 NIST Quantum Information Science Boulder CO
50.77.12.B7897 NIST Uncertainty Quantification and Computational Materials Science Boulder CO
50.77.12.B7912 NIST Computational Electromagnetics Boulder CO
50.77.12.B7973 NIST Statistics for Quantum Systems Boulder CO
50.77.12.C0180 NIST Quantum Networking Boulder CO
50.77.21.B7382 NIST Indoor Localization and Tracking Gaithersburg MD
50.77.21.B8052 NIST Robust Inter-Domain Routing Gaithersburg MD
50.77.21.B8519 NIST Next Generation Wireless Networks Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.B7613 NIST Public Key Cryptography and Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.B7615 NIST Lightweight Cryptography for Resource Constrained Applications Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.C0020 NIST Access Control (Authorization) Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.31.C0556 NIST Cryptography Through the Lens of Quantum Information Science Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7525 NIST Advancing Health Information Technology Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7526 NIST Testing the Health Care Information Infrastructure Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7527 NIST Computational Metrology for Systems Biology and Medicine Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7528 NIST Standards and Algorithms for Enhancing Quality in Medical Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7529 NIST Research in Cyber-Physical Systems Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7872 NIST Models and Protocols for Accelerated Simulations of Molecular Interactions and Dynamics Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7916 NIST Mathematical Foundations for System Interoperability Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.B7982 NIST Enabling Science from Big Microscopy Image Data Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0374 NIST Computational Metrology for Neutron Interferometric Microscopy Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0391 NIST Generating Ontologies from Domain Corpora using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Gaithersburg MD
50.77.51.C0802 NIST Explainable Artificial Intelligence Gaithersburg MD
50.77.61.C0058 NIST Statistical Methods for Extreme Values Gaithersburg MD
50.77.61.C0230 NIST Statistical Learning in Functional Data and 3d Imaging Gaithersburg MD
50.77.62.C0871 NIST Method Development and Best Practices for Atomic Clock Metrology Boulder CO
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